1. Animal Concerns

    Call 757-565-0370 to report stray dogs and cats, suspected abuse of livestock or domestic animals and small injured wildlife such as raccoons and opossums. Animal Control handles nuisance domestic animals for excessive barking, biting or attacking without provocation, chasing vehicles, trespassing upon school grounds or private property in such a manner as to damage property.

  2. Crime

    If you were the victim of a crime and wish to obtain a copy of the police report, please contact the Records Department at 757-253-1800. If you are the victim of a crime and need to make a report to police, please call 757-566-0112.

  3. Power Outages & Streetlight Problems

    Power outages can be triggered by many conditions or circumstances. Weather is the leading cause, such as strong winds, lightning and ice storms. However, people and animals can also cause power outages. To report power outages or downed lines, please call 866-DOM-HELP (866-366-4357).

  1. Road Problems

    Submit a request to the Virginia Department of Transportation to install a new sign, repair a road and more.

  2. Street Sign Issue

    The County is responsible for replacing street signs on public streets due to vandalism, deterioration and knock-down. It is the responsibility of the Developer of a new street to install conforming signs. If signs other than the standard metal County sign are installed, it is up to the Developer or the Homeowner's Association to replace these signs.