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James City County has 19 different zoning designations in the Ordinance, 15 that have been applied. Each district has a set of by-right uses and most have a set of specially permitted uses. To determine if a parcel is zoned appropriately for a given use you can locate the address on the zoning map or use our Property Information System. Once you have the zoning designation go to Chapter 24 of the Zoning Ordinance to find a complete listing of by-right and specially permitted uses.

The Zoning Administrator is empowered to administer and enforce the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Division processes complaints for violations such as inoperable vehicles, excessive trash, and uncut grass on vacant properties. To report Zoning Ordinance violations, please contact the Zoning Office.

Please note that before accepting applications for rezonings, special use permits, and Board of Zoning Appeals variances, County staff will verify that all real estate taxes owed for the subject properties have been paid in full in accordance with Section 24-24. The certification can be completed by staff while you wait. 

If it is found that real estate taxes have not been paid, the application will not be accepted. If you are unsure if your payments are up-to-date, please contact the County Treasurer.

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Board of Zoning Appeals

Members are recommended by the Board of Supervisors and appointed by the Circuit Court for 5-year terms. The Board has the jurisdiction to act on appeals of any administrative decision related to the Zoning Ordinance and to grant variances to the ordinance provisions when authorized by law. Learn more about the Board of Zoning Appeals.