Get Involved

  1. Advertising & Sponsorships

    James City County Parks & Recreation offers many sponsorship and donation opportunities for businesses and organizations. Our programs and facilities generate attendance of over 3 million people annually, which can provide significant exposure for sponsors.

  2. Advisory Commission

    The Commission consults with and serves as a liaison between the Director of Parks and Recreation, the Board of Supervisors, the County Administrator, and the citizens of the community on recreation and park matters.

  3. Affiliates & Partners

    James City County Parks & Recreation works in partnership with a variety of groups and organizations to provide recreational and community services to County and City of Williamsburg residents. Our affiliates and partners are 501(c)(3) community organizations whose recreational activities are consistent with those provided by County Parks & Recreation.

  4. Feedback

    Get in touch with our department, submit your questions and comments, and sign up to receive updates from the Parks and Recreation Department.

  5. Volunteer Opportunities

    With the help of volunteers, we can continue to grow as a community partner, expand our commitment to quality, and provide Gold Medal Award Winning Excellence to James City County.