Safety Information

Home Safety

Printable out a home safety check list (PDF) to share with your family.

File of Life 

Pick up your free file of life at any County fire station, or at the Fire Administration building.

A file of life keeps your medical information handy to provide medics with the information they need to make the best decisions for your care.

Just fill it out, slide it in the envelope provided, and place it on your refrigerator where first responders know to look.

Don’t forget to update the information in your file of life after every doctor visit.

Smoke Alarm Installation Program

The Fire Department has partnered with the American Red Cross to install battery operated smoke alarms free of charge to County residents in need of basic protection. To learn more about this initiative, or to find out how you can volunteer to help, visit Red Cross Home Fire Campaign.

If you are in need of working smoke alarms, call Fire Administration to request an in-home visit from a fire crew. They will install up to 3 battery-operated smoke alarms and provide one-on-one fire safety education.

Working smoke alarms reduce the risk of dying in a house fire by 50%.

Smoke alarms need maintenance, just like other devices we depend on. Remember to:

  • Test them monthly, or as often as the manufacturer recommends. Just push and hold the button. If the alarm sounds, it works!
  • Change the batteries twice a year, or when you change your clocks. If your smoke alarms are wired into the wall they should still have a battery backup for power outages. Change those too!
  • Replace all alarms 10 years after the manufacture date printed on the back, even if you purchased them less than 10 years ago. The sensors inside can stop working after 10 years, even if the alarm passes the button test.