Motorcycle Unit

Duties & Responsibilities

The Motorcycle Unit is utilized as a highly visible tool to promote safe and efficient enforcement of traffic regulations and serve as a community relations tool. 

Police MotorcyclesThe primary duties are traffic enforcement, special assignments such as VIP escorts, parades, special events and community events. Additionally, motorcycle officers can respond to dispatched patrol calls as primary officers. Escorts, parades, and traffic and crowd control associated with special events are areas that motorcycle officers handle with great efficiency.


The Unit has 2 motorcycles, 2012 Harley Davidson Electra Glides, and consists of 6 officers. Most officers are assigned to patrol shifts and ride the motorcycle during their shift.

Continual Training

Training to become a motorcycle officer is comprehensive and extremely difficult. Officers in the Unit must successfully complete the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course 2-day Basic Rider course. Then the officers must pass the 80-hour Basic Police Motorcycle Operators Course.

Additionally, all motorcycle officers receive monthly training on police motorcycle related topics. This training consists of a closed course stress/obstacle course at high and low speeds, braking exercises, off-road riding, firearms training, group rides, formation riding and escort techniques. All designed to force the officer to perform at a very high level. This replicates the adverse street conditions that can cause accidents.