Tactical Field Force Team


The mission of the Tactical Field Force is to establish a disciplined, highly trained, and efficient unit capable of responding effectively to civil disturbances, labor conflicts, public demonstrations, or any situation involving sizable or unruly crowds that demand a skilled law enforcement intervention. Leading the Tactical Field Force is Sergeant Tiara Suggs, appointed by the Chief of Police and reporting directly to both the Chief and the Operations Division Major for all matters related to the Tactical Field Force's deployment.


The James City County Police Department's Tactical Field Force primarily responds to pre-planned events or demonstrations, ensuring crowd control and visible police presence. Moreover, they swiftly respond to incidents with the potential for crowd violence, using containment and specialized strategies to mitigate conflict without harm. The Tactical Field Force also remains ready for unforeseen situations, including sudden crowds, unlawful assemblies, and lost-person searches, where specialized tactics become essential. Their specialized training incorporates options for less-lethal force.

Drone Team

A vital component of the Tactical Field Force, our Drone Team consists of 9 FAA Part 107 certified remote pilots. These professionals are adept at providing a distinct perspective to safely and efficiently resolve various scenes or calls. The Drone Team's capabilities extend to search and rescue operations for missing individuals, analysis of crime scenes, documentation of vehicle crash scenes, and supporting tactical operations. Diverse drone models are employed based on the specific needs of each situation encountered.

We take pride in the comprehensive skill set of our Tactical Field Force Team, which includes the indispensable expertise of our Drone Team. This collaborative effort ensures that we're equipped to address a wide array of scenarios with precision, efficiency, and an unwavering commitment to public safety.