A former intern receiving a Certificate of Completion from Police Chief Jamison

Interning with James City County Police

Are you interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement and gaining hands-on experience in a professional setting? The James City County Police Department offers an internship program in collaboration with local colleges and universities. Our program allows students to acquire practical knowledge and skills by working with experienced professionals in a supportive and dynamic environment.

The internship program is primarily offered to students enrolled in a college and seeking credit. Still, internships may also be provided to military members anticipating a transition out of service and other individuals seeking future employment in law enforcement. Unless special circumstances arise, unpaid internships will be offered to individuals 18 years and older who seek not more than 150 credit hours. Applicants must also pass a background check and meet other eligibility requirements.

During the internship, students can work alongside our law enforcement professionals in various divisions, including Operations, Support, and Administrative Services. Our interns will observe and assist with daily operations and engage in projects, gaining exposure to various law enforcement functions. Additionally, interns will receive regular guidance and feedback and participate in training sessions.

Please note that at this time, internships are not available to high school students with dual enrollment college courses.

If you are interested in pursuing an internship with the James City County Police Department, please contact Tayleb Brooks at 757-592-5618 or by email.

Intern Duties

Interns will complete various duties and observations to include (but not limited to):

  • Public Relations
  • Project Management
  • Patrol ride-along
  • Court proceedings
  • Crime Prevention events
  • Emergency Communications
  • Investigations and Property 
  • Specialized Units and Teams

How to Apply

Review the Department's Internship Policy by clicking here.

Application Schedule 

  • Internships will generally adhere to these timeframes and deadlines (subject to change): 
    • Fall (Aug-Dec): July 15 deadline
    • Winter/Spring (Jan-May):  October 15 deadline
    • Summer (June-July): March 15 deadline

Note: Currently, only one intern will be accepted each term.

Colonial Community Corrections

For information regarding an internship with the Colonial Community Criminal Justice Board, please contact Senior Probation Officer Lauren Supplee by email or by calling 757-564-2311.