Oyster Shell Recycling Program

James City County participates in the Save Oyster Shells program with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The Tewning Road and Toano Convenience Centers have corrals for residents and local restaurants to drop off their empty shells.

There is a critical shortage of oyster shells for reef restoration in the Chesapeake Bay. When oysters are harvested, some of the habitat for future generations is lost. To help mitigate this shortage, citizens and businesses are encouraged to recycle the oyster shell that is removed. Replacing shells replaces this habitat and helps our oyster populations grow and thrive. To learn more please visit cbf.org/shellrecycling. Increasing habitat in the Bay starts here!

The following restaurants in James City County (and adjacent areas) are currently participating in the recycling program:

  • Oyster Program Toano Opens in new windowJames Landing Grille
  • Captain George’s (on Richmond Rd)
  • Craft 31
  • Waypoint Grill
  • Berret’s 
  • Aberdeen Barn (on Richmond Rd) 

Julie Luecke, Oyster Restoration Specialist at Chesapeake Bay Foundation manages the shell recycling program in Virginia.