What are the billing rates for this EMS service?

Current charges are $1,024.26 for Advanced Life Support-2 (ALS-2; an example is care which involves surgical interventions); $707.67 for Advanced Life Support (ALS-1; an example is response to chest pains); and $595.94 for Basic Life Service (BLS; which is the basic level of care provided). A charge of $12.03 per mile, from the location of the incident to the hospital, will also be part of each bill. You will not be charged for the distance the ambulance must travel from the fire station to get to you.

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1. Why does JCC have a revenue recovery program?
2. How does this affect me?
3. What is Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Revenue Recovery?
4. What if I don’t have insurance and can’t afford to pay?
5. If I have a balance to be paid on my bill, will I be refused ambulance service?
6. If EMS comes to my house but I don’t need transport, will I receive a bill?
7. Will my health insurance premiums increase as a result of this billing?
8. What type of information will I have to give when the ambulance arrives?
9. What if I am not able to provide the insurance information at that time?
10. How do you protect the privacy of my health information?
11. What are the billing rates for this EMS service?
12. Why is there a mileage charge?
13. How does the billing process work?
14. What if I am unable to pay?
15. What other localities in this area have EMS billing programs?
16. I received a bill for my ambulance service and the address to mail my payment is in Lewisville, NC; is this a scam?
17. How can I obtain a copy of my medical report or ambulance bill?